Hero Akagami

Program/Format: MMD
Type: MMD Model


Body: Blackpeacock10000

Head: Blackpeacock10000

Tail: Blackpeacock10000

Model: Blackpeacock10000


1.) Do NOT Claim as yours!

2.) Edit all you want, but make sure to refer to Argo_54’s Terms of use!

3.) Do NOT Redistribute!

4.) Do NOT use for Commercial use! (e.g. for money, commissions, Etc.)

5.) Go ahead and use for R-18/ Fetish

6.) No gore allowed of any sort, violence and a some blood is okay.

7.) Credit me (Blackpeacock10000) when you use him.

8.) Absolutely NO using outside of MMD!

9.) Do NOT take parts!

10.) Do NOT use for any anti-religious, racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, or transphobic content!

Enjoy! ^-^

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