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Accounts moved from Raised Tails v2 and Yiff This

We have moved all accounts from the previous Raised Tails on AVideo along with the Yiff This forums from 2010. If you had an account on either of those platforms, you should receive an email within 24 hours for instructions on how to reset your password as those weren’t ported over.

If you want your account deleted, please contact us directly.

We also transferred all the forums from the previous site we operated: Yiff This Forums. We will be adding more topics within the next week.

Raised Tails v3.0!

Welcome back and we appreciate your patience as we bounced around between different video engines.

A few years ago, Raised Tails moved to AVideo, and while it served a purpose for awhile, the agreement, for open source software no less, is as follows:

This Software must be used for Good, never Evil. The use of this software for creating content related to sexually explicit material, pornography, or adult themes is strictly forbidden. Such usage goes against the values and principles of our platform and is not permitted under any circumstances.


Eat my ass. Supporting such a developer who calls sexual material is evil is not something we want to do any longer. He also put bible verses throughout the code which was pretty vomit.

So here comes WordPress with the brilliant StreamTube! This site gives us much more flexibility and combined with Bunny stream, we now essentially have unlimited space and transcoding done beautifully in the cloud. And the best part is no prudes!

If you’re new here, feel free to register and select Video Creator to start uploading. Once we see you’re uploading material that fits the site, we will mark you as verified so your uploads go up within half an hour (takes time to transcode the different resolution).

What We Allow

  • Yiff, dancing, and other entertainment made within games, such as VRchat, Second Life, NeosVR, Skyrim, etc.
  • 3D productions made with Source Filmmaker, Blender, Unity, etc.
  • 2D animations in excess of 30 seconds in length.
  • Humans if there is a furry in the animation.
  • Anthro and feral furries.

Forbidden Content

  • Anything captured in person, including live porn, fursuit, etc.
  • Any videos depicting violence/rape.
  • Any realistic mature videos involving minors.