What is Raised Tails?

We are a group (Mhisani, Virtyal Fobo, Sangie, and more) of degenerate furries that needed a place to share videos. Started about 10 years ago by Mhisani and Fobo, Raised Tails was a restricted place for Yiff Pictures and LoneTiger to host their videos. It ran on an old version of ClipBucket and had limits on quality. The point of the site was to pick up where Yiff This ended up leaving off.

As the years rolled by, popularity dropped due to the restricted uploads and Flash-based website, Mhisani and Fobo wanted to close the site due to webhosting costs. That’s when Sangie stepped in and offered free server space and took over the domain payments.

Then Raised Tails moved to AVideo, and while it served a purpose for awhile, the agreement, for open source software no less, is as follows:

This Software must be used for Good, never Evil. The use of this software for creating content related to sexually explicit material, pornography, or adult themes is strictly forbidden. Such usage goes against the values and principles of our platform and is not permitted under any circumstances.


Eat my ass. Supporting such a developer who calls sexual material is evil is not something we want to do any longer. He also hid bible verses throughout the code which was pretty vomit.

So here comes WordPress with the brilliant StreamTube! This site gives us much more flexibility and combined with Bunny stream, we now essentially have unlimited space and transcoding done beautifully in the cloud. And the best part is no prudes!

Epic! So I can add videos?

Yes! Well, once you create an account. Feel free to use our quick encoder and upload the highest quality version you find. We support MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, WEBM, and even FLV. Once uploaded, it will be unlimisted until a moderator approves the video and then it will be live. If you upload a video you found elsewhere, please put in the description where you got it, and we will see if the uploader disallows cross-posting. Also if the video quality is too low, we may decline it. If it’s an SL video where you can see the UI, it will be declined. We encourage everyone to make your own SL or VRChat videos. We are working on a forum where people can post tips and tricks on making videos in MMD and Second Life and Blender later on.

Can I download instead of stream?

YUUUUP! You can just go under any videos and click download and select your desired format and resolution. The video will download directly. This feature may become a paid feature later on, so I take advantage of it now. You just need a free account to do this.

Paid? Well, I guess all sites need to make money. Do you have a Patreon?

Not yet! We want to wait until the audience builds and it makes sense to start a support network. Right now, the server bandwidth is barely being used as to the site relaunching but as popularity and costs rise, we will likely offer paid accounts for privileges such as downloading videos, being able to post videos directly to live, and more. But we promise you that you will always be able to watch any video in HD on Raised Tails for free without an account.

What can I post here?

  • Yiff, dancing, and other entertainment made within games, such as VRchat, Second Life, NeosVR, Skyrim, etc.
  • 3D productions made with Source Filmmaker, Blender, Unity, etc.
  • 2D animations in excess of 30 seconds in length.
  • Humans if there is a furry in the animation.
  • Anthro and feral furries.

What can’t I post here?

  • Anything captured in person, including live porn, fursuit, etc.
  • Any videos depicting violence/rape.
  • Any realistic mature videos involving minors.