The Story: So as you know a ton of boys at school has a crush on Tails. Seeing him all, sexy and smart; really got the young blood pumping in their brains. Tails is consider to be the smartest cub in the school and even voted to be one of the top 10 cutest boys. The boys just couldn’t handle their lust for him anymore, they wanted to feel him, touch him, and even make-out with him. All boys asked Tails to do a huge favor for them and they promised to be as “gentle” as possible. Some of them even offered money, gifts, and commitments. Tails was just happy to help and he knew how much his fan-base loved him. The boys invited Tails, at night, to go near a park stop. Tails had to get on all-fours and present his beautiful ass to the group. Tails was wearing a super tight blue rash-guard and even had a matching blue racing speedo for better effect. Everyone loved his hot new look and it was only getting even hotter as Tail showed them his penis and butthole. The crowed celebrated with excitement, licking their lips, pulling out their rods, and getting the toy ready. One of the boys graciously approached Tails and asked for permission to insert the double-dildo, Tails gave the single and half the toy went in. Tail’s didn’t know how big it was but definitely felt the item coming in strong. It was crazy to do this but it was so nice to go outside for a change. Me just trying to improve on the game.