This is the first video to have not been shot on Emerald. I used Phoenix Viewer for it, and in the end, I wish I still had Emerald. Either way, it came out fine. What else… we changed the original filming location. I had in mind in honoring Mhisani’s request to film in his skybox above a sim he manages, and he deserves it 🙂

Producer: Yiff This!

Performers: Mhisani

Music: God is an Astranaut – Forever Lost

One of the stars in this cast, just like the previous video, was a spontaneous backup as the other volunteer wasn’t working out schedule-wise, so he voluntarily forfeit the role “for now.” Spike and Solar are actually playmates on SL, and I think this is the first video where the two actors know each other, really well anyway. This is the first sex video with two parts / locations and took a bit longer than I hoped for due to trying out some new things on the post-processing end.

Production: Yiff This!

Performers: SolarFlare & Spike Foxx

Music in Club: De Lorean — Rapture (Twister Electro Edit)
Music in Bedroom: Dismantled — Hyper Sleep

This is the third video to be shot in my parcel, but the first one to be designed from scratch to exclusively match the avatars. Thankfully, Mavi came through at the last moment with an even better song than I had chosen. All around, it feels like my best work and my most aesthetically pleasing look – with a small amount of added effects that fit well with the atmosphere of glowing crystals and waterfalls.

The set for this film is open as the current hangout spot on Second Life in Critter Valley for the Full-Time Furverts group I run. I am currently moving more furniture into it!

Production: Yiff This!

Performers: Reggie Southpaw & Mavi Frostbite

Video remastered to 1080P and audio remastered to 320 kbps from a lossless source.

That room was actually loaded with people. I de-rendered anyone that rezzed in. This one was really fun to do since there’s tons of voyeurism going on.

Production: Yiff This!

Performers: Spiketail Fox & Xavior Ember

Music: Felix da Housecat – Silver Screen