Remastered video to 1080P and remastered audio to 320 kbps AAC.

One of the few special productions I’ve done! Gives me a chance to mess with new effects and practice my own – and show the world how super sexy some dancing furries really can be ~_^ Complete with bonus goodies. Unfortunately Riley Tigerfish couldn’t stay up and make it for the bonus goodies afterwards, I think knowing what it was IRL that took him – was a good call. I couldn’t re-schedule that meet of all 4 of them either, the delay would have been too great.

Producer: Yiff This!

Performers: Cresil Violet, CocoaKrad Starship, Kipeo Quandry, Snuggly Fuhr, Riley Tigerfish

Music: DJ Squash – Rising Disco | Soulcry – A Life So Changed (DJ Space Raven Remix)

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