「And when you’re ready, Let’s shake!」

New collaboration with キョウ! I know I said I was on hiatus but I owed this video since last year and I had to do it because I don’t like leaving people waiting on my part Kyou did such an amazing job on the cover and I had to do my own for the video, so, I made an edit and rendered it! I know it’s not the manliest thing but hey, the outfit is so girly to even try making a boyish version, trust me, I tried every single approach and no matter what, nothing was close to the original one Anyways, hope you like it!

UST: Made from Sango123’s vsq
Original: Hatsune Miku/Yuuyu-P
Cover Singer: 狼歌アズマ
Editing, cover: キョウ
Model credits: torata3220 / SEGA / Myself
Stage: ぢゃこうねこ
Motion: AnimationFreak
Camera: Kagamine134

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