Music: “Plunge” by Cycerin, “Megalomaniac (Cherry Bomb Remix)” by KMFDM, “I Can’t Stand It” by Alex M, “Trippin the Trance” by Dj HyDrO, “Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Remix)” by Shpongle, “Bitch 2007 (DJ KC Dirty RmX)” by Dave McCullen
Length: 7:59
Dev Notes: A collection of pawing shorts, using some of the best pawing animations on SL that I could find. This was a really fun video to make, It’s got a couple returning stars, one in a different av, and three new volunteers!

A quick overview of the videos:

  1. Mystic Cave Scene
  2. Cresil & Spike paw together
  3. Cresil in an Indigo Sergal & a therion play together
  4. Spike enjoys some exhibition dancing and pawing in a human club
  5. Cresil & a shark-cat-bunny mix fool around
  6. Spike gives footpawings to a wolf
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